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Just Itching For Divorce

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Marriage is more likely to end in the fifth year.


It's seems everything these days is getting an update. Why not divorce?

According to The Daily Mail, divorce is more likely to come at the five-year anniversary rather than the "seven-year-itch" benchmark of the 1950s.

Buyer’s remorse, says the report, sets in earlier because “women are concentrating more on careers,” and well, divorce these days doesn’t have the stigma of years past. How can we go from being so in love to calling a divorce lawyer within just five years?

Here’s a possible timetable of events:

Year One: Love everything about them.
Year Two: Love almost everything about them.
Year Three: Find some habits annoying, but endearing.
Year Four: Find habits annoying.
Year Five: Can’t stand the way they breathe.

Do you think your marriage will last past your five-year anniversary?

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