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Procrastination Pays Off

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The positive side of having children later in life


According to the Daily Mail, a new study claims women who have children “later in life” make better mothers than their younger counterparts. Older women “enjoy better health, live longer, and are more financially secure.”

Also, says the study, “They have more career experience and their management skills often translate directly into managing a household.”

Um, we’ve got to disagree on that one. Knowing your way around an Excel spreadsheet won’t help you deal with the first time you witness your infant projectile vomit against a wall.

But how late is too late to have kids?

The world record for the oldest mom goes to a woman in Barcelona who gave birth at the ripe old age of 67.Could be handy. When she’s 82, her teenager can use his or her learner's permit to drive her to an old folks' home.

Do you think when it comes to Motherhood older is better?

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