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Co-Sleeping: Cute or Creepy?

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More U.S. parents than ever are sharing a bed with their children.

Today's New York Times reports that 13 percent of parents co-sleep with their infants. Once those infants become toddlers, that figure skyrockets. And many parents are "closet co-sleepers" who do it but won't admit their little secret. The cons of co-sleeping are many: less restful sleep for both you and your child, plus more stress and of course, even less sex. We here at ML treasure our Zs too much to co-sleep on a regular basis, but most of us confess to doing it from time to time. And we're not gonna lose any sleep over that.

MOM CONFESSION: "I'd rather sleep with my kids than my husband!"

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Sara May 1, 2009, 11:00 PM

I did while nursing because it’s so much easier, but once they’re weaned they’re out!

Robert October 4, 2009, 7:21 AM

As a husband and proud parent I have to comment.

Co-sleeping continues a bond between mother and child well past breast-feeding. While they are snuggled together they are completely at peace and sleeping more soundly. Both are more comfortable and continuing the very real bond developed in the womb.

For those claiming co-sleeping causes “stress”, “even less sex”, and “less restful sleep” I say BULL****! If there is any of the above it is either because you are so immaturely focused on your sex-life and not your CHILDREN or because your children really are more of a “nuisance” to you (why are you a parent?). If there is “stress” it is also probably because your whiney husband won’t quit bothering you FOR sex or because he’s griping that he can’t grab you (he’ll probably call it cuddling or snuggling) in your sleep.

I know for my wife my snoring and my tossing and turning probably cause MORE stress and LESS restful sleep. As for sex - if you are asleep for that then …

So quit with the nonsensical complaints and fabricated excuses. My wife co-slept with our son for years. It hasn’t caused any problems in our marriage - and it keeps the child/mother bond very strong.

Jessica November 12, 2010, 8:58 AM

My baby come into bed with us early in the morning because she wakes up to nurse.

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