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In the Line of the Fire

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The So. California wildfires are all too real for one Mom•Logic Mom

If you have a TV, you've seen images of the Santa Ana winds blowing up a fire storm in many areas around Southern California. Living in Santa Clarita, CA this week is a terrifying experience. Surrounded on all sides by three separate fires that are rumored to be "merging" in the next 24-hours, I can't help but feel terribly saddened for my community, and absolutely paralyzed with fear at all we have to lose. Schools are closed, people are homeless, and there's no relief in sight.

I've been guilty of watching past news images of tornadoes, flooding, and other natural disasters without real thought about what the affected families are truly facing. I will never again be able to do that. News images of the fire can affect your kids Keep Reading for advice on how to talk to your family about it. P.S. Is news hitting home for you? Send us your story!


The view from my son's bedroom when the fires started.

Is your family prepared for a natural disaster? FEMA provides a training guide on their website.

The fires don't only affect the families in the line of the storm. Kids everywhere see the images of homes lost, people frightened, and they often wonder if it can and will happen to them.

Mom•Logic's Child Development Expert, Jill Spivak has tips for parents to open up the line of communication at home.

  • Tell your children about the firefighters and others who are helping the families affected by the fires.
  • Take your child's questions seriously and allow them time to communicate their concerns.
  • Respond honestly without giving too many details that may scare them.
  • Protect your children from seeing too many frightening images on t.v.
  • Help your children to know that you take precautions to keep your home fire safe.
  • If your child seems to have sudden aches and pains, such as headaches or stomachaches, he may be feeling anxious. If your child seems too overwhelmed, it may be worth consulting a child therapist to help him work through his feelings or to address concerns.

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