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Almost 50% of Teens Text and Drive

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What to tell your teen so they'll stop doing it.


If your teen doesn’t know by now that drinking and driving isn’t safe, please stop reading this article and go tell them. We’ll wait.

But for everyone else, there's a new danger we need to discuss with our teens. According to AAA, more than 46 percent of teenagers admit to texting while behind the wheel of a car. What’s worse is a whopping 97 percent know it’s dangerous. Mom•Logic friend and safety expert Samantha Wilson says the reason teens engage in this as well as other risky behaviors is because they think they're invincible.

But there are ways to convince teens to be safe. "As we all know, it's not easy to get through to a teen," Wilson says. "You have to remind them constantly of the consequences of their actions and make it about them. Put it in terms that mean something to them. Tell them texting and driving causes accidents and it can hurt your best friend, your boyfriend or a family member in the car."

Another way might be to practice what we preach… because who among us isn’t guilty of it?

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