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'Biggest Loser' Star's Biggest Victory

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In part one of a three-part exclusive Q&A series, Suzy Preston takes Mom•Logic on a journey back through weight loss, pregnancy, and motherhood.


Mom•Logic: When did you develop a weight problem, and do weight issues run in your family?

Suzy: I had always been on the chubby side. But really, I was about 15 when I noticed I was a little chubbier than everyone else. I begged my parents to take me to Jenny Craig. They take a ‘before’ picture of you, and I look at it now because my dad has it on his desk, and I was not heavy. I don’t know why it was—that I thought I was different, but from then on, I started my cycle of dieting and losing weight, and I just kept gaining and gaining. I look at the photos, and I had chubby cheeks, but that’s all. I wasn’t skinny by any means, but I shopped with my girlfriends and bought medium-sized shirts at department stores.

My dad’s side has always been really heavy. My grandma was really heavy, probably about 350 pounds, up until about two years ago, when she had a near heart attack and had triple bypass heart surgery. She’s now about 160. My family on my dad’s side has always battled with weight. I do believe you’re born with a predisposition to carry weight. I think some people are just built like that.

When I went on The Biggest Loser, I weighed 227 pounds, but that was not my heaviest. I was 250 back in high school. I was 252, and I vowed to never get a on a scale ever again. I didn’t really know much about the show before I went on. It was very last minute—I had never even seen it and just sent in a video. I was pretty happy being chubby, it didn’t effect my life. I was definitely aware I was overweight, but it pushed me to move beyond it, and I never let it stop me. It made me more active, and I wanted to try and be as normal as I could. When I went on the show, I could not believe how many people said, “Why are you going on that? You’re not overweight.” I was like, “Yes I am!”

ML: As adults, you and Matt were both overweight. As parents, what lifestyle choices and changes do you want to implement in your son’s life?

Suzy: Matt and I have different stories because his weight definitely affected him. He had a hard time, because being overweight didn’t bug me. Obesity runs in his family as well. I really believe there are generational curses, and we have decided in our family, not only our we going to stop the weight struggles for our kid, but we are going to stop it (meaning the generational curse) for alcoholism, which runs in both of our families. We are stopping it now, so our kids don’t know about it or have to battle it. We want to stop it now, so even our grandkids won’t battle with it, or know that this is in the family. They will look at pictures of us, and say, “No way”… instead of, “Yeah, my grandma was this way, my dad was this way.” I don’t want it to be a thought.

Coming Up... Feeding baby Rex and how The Biggest Loser still impacts her family.

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