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The Double Whammy: Strep Times Two

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 Mom•Logic friend Beth at writes about the how kids' illnesses always occur at the worst possible time.


Beth's Momologue: "Can someone please explain to me the sick joke that someone upstairs has just paid on me as I prepare for a major event, I am two days away from lift-off, and both of my kids come down with strep! They've never even had strep before— but of course, today, as I had planned to tie up loose ends, my son woke up with a strange rash, and my daughter, who seemed perfectly fine when I joined her on a school trip, then proceeded to tell me she was feeling dizzy and her throat ached the minute I picked her up at the end of the day. The next thing we knew, my husband and I launched into divide and conquer mode—he raced home from work to take my son to the doctor so I could go on that school trip. And then ran back out to take my daughter to the doctor once again while I stayed home with my son.

While responding to emails and crossing off a dozen items from my lengthy to-do list, Dylan insisted we play a game. The "guess which animal I'm thinking of" game. I pretty much went through every animal I could think of and he aced the competition. Next time I'll throw in a bo-weevil just to keep him guessing. While I quizzed him about monkeys and hippos, he took a few bites of popcorn chicken, refusing his veggies of course, and then I surprised him with a special treat—we were going to bake smores cookies —you gotta love Pillsbury to cheer up any kid with a bacterial infection.

The diagnosis for my daughter —you guessed it—strep throat. And hence the name of this blog— Double whammy. A double whammy always seems to rear its ugly head when I'm busier than ever. Maybe it's just a wake-up call that I've gone into overdrive since launching my two companies. Thank goodness my event will be over at 4:01 p.m. on Saturday. Funny how people stress out over work, stress out over gaining weight, stress out over carpool schedules and yet the biggest stress of all trumps everything that is thrown your way when your kids get really sick.

Thankfully, my daughter and son are on antibiotics—one pink with a
really offensive smell, one white that my son says tastes like
strawberries and one that's a tube of skin cream he keeps wiping off
that's supposed to rid his adorable face of those weird pimples. Of
course, they'll both be out of school tomorrow. Our pediatrician says
they should be fine by Saturday but if not, my hubby will be holding
down the fort while I host a Family Fun Festival without my family. If
that's not a sick joke, I don't know what is. Life always has a funny
way of throwing me curve balls, but no matter how busy I get or how
many hats I wear, I'm also the one who everyone depends on. They cry
out for me in the middle of the night when they have a bad dream, in
the morning when they need me to fetch their socks or when they're
under the weather, I'm the first one the school nurse calls to take
them home. And as busy as I get on the work front it doesn't matter.
Everything else stops when my kids get sick. I am Mommy hear me
roar...although rant is more like it. If only Helen Reddy could see me

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