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Hannah Montana in 3-D

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Update: Hannah Montana heads to movie theaters.

For the moms who didn't want to take out a second mortgage on their houses to buy concert tickets, here's how you can make it up to your kids. The sold-out concert tour hits the big screen in Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert. Shot during Miley Cyrus's 54-city tour and exhibited in state-of-the-art Disney Digital 3D™, the film will be in theaters for only one week starting on Feb. 1, 2008. Showtimes and tickets for this event will be available after midnight EST, Dec. 1. Click here for a list of venues showing the movie. And don't forget to enter to win our Hannah Montana giveaway listed below.

Check out one Mom's review of the concert--and our giveaway!

When Mom•Logic friend (and member of our new Network!) Cheeky Lotus took her daughter to the Hannah Montana concert over the weekend, we were psyched. Since we couldn't score seats of our own, we welcomed the chance to live vicariously through one of our fave Mom bloggers. Check out her review and flip through the photos below to win Hannah Montana swag!

"Hannah Montana was, in a word, remarkable. What a performance! She came out as Hannah Montana first and then performed as Miley--the outfits, the dancing, the singing, the wigs--it was amazing. We were invited to a special meet and greet following the show. After an hour waiting in line, my 6-year-old Savannah walked up to her idol--looking like your average itty-bitty 15-year-old in a green sweatshirt, albeit exhausted from her concert--and smiled wordlessly at her.

Miley Cyrus gave Savannah an autograph, leaned in for a picture, and it wasn't until we exited the backstage that Savannah started breathing again. That's when she stared at the autographed photo, her face beaming, and said, 'This is the best day of my life.' I'm here to tell you that nothing will make you feel as old as taking your 'baby' to a concert. I walked into that concert a few months out of my 20s, and I left 109 years old. Seriously. I hobbled out with blisters, a migraine, heartburn, and a $700 purse that was literally dripping a trail behind me because someone's 'Best of Both Worlds' Icee leaked all over the floor under my chair. And yet I responded to her, 'Mine too, my love. Mine too.'"

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LS November 15, 2007, 12:13 PM

My daughter loves Hannah Montana! We’re going to the concert in December. I can’t wait!

Michelle  November 15, 2007, 10:46 PM

We went to Portland and I have to say that it was brilliant. My biggest fear was that the money spent wouldn’t be worth it but it was worth every red cent. Just one thing….bring ear plugs….Seriously…I’m not joking.

Joanna December 26, 2007, 11:15 PM

My little sister, is a bi fan of hannah montana she has alot of stuff of her.. her brithday is the 28 of dec… and my mother bought her tickets to see her… i cant wait to see her face when she gets them…

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