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Is Your Babysitter Being Watched?

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Moms band together to catch bad nannies in the act.


Have you installed a nanny cam? That's so five years ago, Mama. The latest in nanny-nabbing? Web sites where Moms log on to report other families' sitters. Sites like and give Moms the opportunity to report naughty nannies and make sure their own sitter situation is secure.

Are these sites the next great way to help Moms get the best caregivers? Or does it feed into parent hysteria? If we're that worried about the person who takes care of our child, is it possible that she's just the wrong person—whether you find dirt on her or not?

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Janice November 12, 2007, 6:47 PM

First of all. Mom Logic rocks. I can’t stop reading it!

Now, websites like NannyWatch are really dangerous. There used to be another one to report bad boyfriends, and another to report bad neighbors. The information you might get on a website like this is completely unreliable, usually reported anonymously and without claims being substantiated.

In a no-names world of the internet, tattle websites are nothing more than gossip. They can unfairly target an innocent person.

Anytime you make a public claim against another person, you should be required to take public responsibility for it. I say steer clear of NannyWatch.

Anonymous February 2, 2009, 1:03 PM

As a new mom, and already with more to worry about than I ever thought possible, here’s my take:
If I have a sitter who is doing something wrong and someone wants to “report” it, I’d rather they just come to me. Online and anonymous doesn’t seem like the way to go, because for all I know, it’s some random person who has personal issues with the sitter or something.
Hopefully I never have to worry about my sitters, but if there ever was a problem with one, I’d much rather have someone come and tell me so I can address the situation, rather than learning the information online, where it can be total BS!

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