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Proud to Be an American Mom

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Mama Noire is outraged by what's going on in Saudi Arabia. "I'm sure you've heard the crazy rape story out of Saudi Arabia where a 19-year-old woman who was raped will spend six months in jail and be beaten 200 times," she writes. "Her husband says she is a crushed woman and that the ordeal has taken a heavy toll on her. This is absolutely outrageous and purely unjust!" We feel the exact same way.

In other blog news...

Project Angel Mom gives all Moms the opportunity to help Sandra Cucchiella, who battled three bouts of Hodgkin’s disease, bacterial pneumonia, and a massive heart attack. Her medical insurance is limited, and, at 58, she is too young for Medicare. Project Angel Mom's goal is to raise $50,000 for Sandra.

Imperfect Parent says Illinois is launching a new program called "Be a Buckle Buddy," which provides a hotline for folks to call if they spot a fellow motorist who doesn’t have his or her kids properly restrained in the vehicle. The owner of the car is then tracked down and sent a warning and pamphlets on child safety. "Of course I completely understand the importance of safely buckling kids into the car, but doesn’t this seem a bit creepy?" she writes. "To get some envelope in the mail out of nowhere that essentially says, 'We’re watching you!' seems a bit much to me, and I’m torn on the subject."

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