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Sesame Street a Red-light District?

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Early episodes of Sesame Street are being released on DVD—with a warning to parents.


By now we're sure you've heard: Old-school Sesame Street now comes with a warning that they are for grown-ups only, and may not "suit the needs of today's preschoolers." Back then, Cookie Monster ate cookies (addictive personality), Oscar the Grouch was, well, grouchy, and Big Bird is the only one that sees the Snuffalufagus (Bad acid trip, or just a vivid imagination?).

So, just what are the needs of today’s preschoolers?

To be so sheltered by the realities of life that as adults all they can do is reach for the Prozac? Hey, while we’re at it, how about: Cinderella’s evil stepmother turned in to the child services, The Big Bad Wolf arrested for arson? And don't even get us started on that Hansel and Gretel story—isn’t that clearly glorifying cannibalism?

Let's be realistic here. There’s a better chance, throughout life, that your child is going to bump into a pissed off guy named Oscar living near a garbage can than a saccharine sweet dinosaur named Barney. This Sesame Street advisory warning has us Mom•Logic staffers walking around the office shaking our heads.

Will you (GASP!) let your preschooler watch the old Sesame Street?

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Kelly November 22, 2007, 12:29 AM

I must admit that I am still in shock about this one. I think someone has to much time on their hands, this is a fun way to educate our children. They love it and see what we saw when we were their age. Try to be that child again when you are watching it. I will continue to let me daughter watch it.

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