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Childhood 101

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The Daring Book for Girls, companion to The Dangerous Book for Boys, now available. 


A handbook of nostalgic childhood activities from the 1950’s, The Daring Book for Girls by Andrea J. Buchanan is a testament to the fact that kids today would rather build a virtual world than build a fort. How sad is it that our children need step-by-steps to show them how to make a daisy chain, or form a snowball: "Scoop enough snow to fill your hand, rotate hands, pack it, smooth it.”

There's a even a trailer for the book on (yes, for a book) showing a mother taking her bored daughter outside on an adventure that includes canoeing, building a tree swing and becoming pirates, all in one exhausting day. Hopefully, the authors don’t have a book in the works called The Daring Book for Rebellious Teenagers. Let's see... how to let your Mom know you hate her: "Scream 'Get out of my room!' at the top of your lungs, then slam the bedroom door with all your might." Hmm, we might have to skip that one.

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