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Tina Knowles' Mommy Confession

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Beyonce's Mom reveals her most embarrassing Mom moment.

In a Mom•Logic exclusive, Tina tells us what happens when Mom brain kicks in and you forget things, like your daughter! She also explains what motherhood means to her and where the family will be spending the holidays. One thing we do know, this family is Crazy In Love.

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Patricia D. November 30, 2007, 4:35 PM

Such a treat! I had no idea that she was so funny! Seems like a woman that I could be friends with! Who has not forgotten or temporarily lost their child!

Rhonda Nelson December 2, 2007, 7:55 PM

I remeber the only time I forgot to pick my youngest up,not only him but my Dr. appointment that day. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to find my Dr.s phone no. the phone and calling the Dr. to apollize and reshedule for another appointment the first then they said was please hold, well I held on so long you know how that goes I,m sure then I remembered Silas ohno, it was one of the coldested days of the year that day,just then my older son came home from college and as soon as he opened the door I started to cry and asked him to go and pick up Silas. Well at the school there is so little spaces to park and I usually leave 45 mins. early to do so and tried to explan to James that he would have to park at the side of the road,just then the Dr,s recep.came back and I was talking to two people at the same time which lead to more confusion. James said al I just drive around till I find him and left,Ishouted out he won,nt be looking for your car but James didn,t hear me worried about my little son it was hard to make an appointment and then I couldn,t find a pen to write with so I said okay, hung up the phone and sarted to cry, just then the phone rang and it was James saying he couldn,nt find him. Well needless to say I started to cry even haarder and thought what a terrible mom am I to be so frazzeled and forget to pick up my youngest son from school. Just then the 12 year old walked in and asked what the problem was. All I could do was hold him so tightand tell him how sorry I waswhile he is saying please mom I don,t see what the big deal is, just then I remembered about James driving around and around the school and called him to let him know that Silas was already home. Boy oh boy did I deserve a cup of coffee after that.
Hope you like my story
Rhonda Nelson

Anonymous January 4, 2009, 11:16 PM

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