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Top 5: Surviving Dinner With the Kids

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All Mom-tested, Mom•Logic approved.


1. Be realistic: If you have to have a formal meal, don't expect the little ones to sit for the long haul.

2. Dress 'em down: Don’t spend a fortune dressing your kids all frou frou and not expect them to get a little messy. Cranberry sauce doesn’t complement any outfit.

3. The kids' table was invented for a reason. Maybe it's time to cut the apron strings and let them enjoy the holiday their way (which may include blowing mashed potatoes out their noses).

4. Set goals: Make the meal a competition to see who can eat without getting dirty. The winner gets to NOT have to give crazy Aunt Dotty a kiss goodbye.

5. Wine goggles! Kids tend to act better when mommy's got a little buzz on.
(Or, depending on how many glasses you have they sure seem to act better.)

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