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What Did You Call Me?

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How long after the wedding is it a little weird to change your name? 


Sarah Michelle Gellar just changed her name after five years of marriage as an anniversary gift to her husband, reports US magazine. Is Mrs. Prinze preggers?Let's be honest, that's usually when a woman who's been clinging to her maiden name suddenly decides to change it. After carrying a basketball for nine months, they want to share the same surname as their bundle of joy. According to, 90 percent of women take their husband's name the day they get married. But how many of them regret it? Of course, we asked around the Mom•Logic office:

One Mom hyphenates: "It was a last minute decision literally moments before my wedding. I took a poll — hypenate won."
One kept her name: "I always knew I wanted to keep my name. I didn't like the idea of giving up my identity."
One changed her name happily: "I wanted to have the same name as my kids. Kind of boring but that's it."
One kept her name due to laziness: "I meant to change it, I told my husband I would, but I just never got around to filling out the paper work. Now it seems silly."
One legally changed her middle name to her maiden name: "I wanted to take his name but also use both professionally. I didn't want to hyphenate so this was the best option."
One misses her maiden name: "I tried to hyphenate but eventually dropped my maiden name. Now I regret letting that happen.

How do you feel about keeping (or not) keeping your name? Tell us!

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Jan November 17, 2007, 9:58 PM

I love my maiden name, i’d never change it!

Jude November 17, 2007, 11:16 PM

I’m sorry, my feeling is that if your “identity” is based on your last name than you need to rethink things. Taking your husband’s name doesn’t take away any part of who you are or what you believe in. I love having my husband’s name. We’re a family, from the day we got married and, even more so, now that we have with kids. It’s a personal preference and to each her own, but I really don’t see the point in NOT changing your name.

Anonymous November 18, 2007, 10:58 PM

I did not take my husband’s name and assure you that my husband and I are a family and we also have 2 kids. Just because I don’t have my husband’s last name does not mean we are not a family.

Anonymous November 19, 2007, 10:22 AM

I think it’s basically just a personal decision. There’s no right or wrong answer here.

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