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Try the Veggies, Baby

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Part 3 of a three-part exclusive series: Suzy Preston of Biggest Loser whips up a batch of baby food in an exclusive Mom•Logic video.

Tonight's finale of Biggest Loser has millions on the edge of their seats to see who wins. Suzy, one of our series favorites, has learned not only how to keep herself healthy but to pass it on to her baby boy. We asked Suzy about how she's teaching him positive habits while he's still young.

Mom•Logic: When and why did you decide to make your own baby food?
Suzy: On June 23rd, 2007, we had our son, Rex. Before I even got married, I secretly liked to pretend I was Martha Stewart. I love doing that stuff. I had been a nanny for a family for about five years. Their mom used to leave out food to make—that’s where I learned about pureeing food. You don’t just have to open a jar, you can actually make it yourself. I learned it from her. She had me make puree for her kids, and we would put it in the freezer, and pop it in the fridge when she needed it. I knew I would make baby food when I had kids… Besides, I am too darn cheap— it’s ridiculous what you pay for baby food. Rex hasn’t started eating it yet, but he has a healthy appetite. He likes to eat so much formula. My mom was young when she started feeding me. She went into it blindly, and didn’t know what she was doing. I grew up on macaroni and chopped ramen. I didn’t want to do that to my child.

We want to set Rex up to succeed—so many kids are set up to fail because the parents don’t know what to do, or how to educate themselves. Our pastor even said if you don’t stop struggling with what’s in your life now, your kids won’t know how to stop. If Rex doesn’t know how good macaroni is, he won’t want to eat it every day.

ML: What are your plans for Rex’s diet when he gets off formula and starts eating food?

Suzy: Rex is five months old. We start feeding him at six months. I don’t think babies are born with a like or dislike. They are trained on what they like or don’t like. I did some research and learned it takes at least 10 times for a child to develop a flavor on his palate. I have a game plan for Rex. You think kids don’t like vegetables; they like sugars, sweets, and you need to start out with rice cereal anyway. I am going to buy it [rice cereal] —you can make it, but it comes pretty basic in the store. Then, I am only going to introduce vegetables into his diet, until he loves each and every one. You start usually with squash, pumpkin, carrots, and green vegetables. He won’t get fruit, which is essentially sugar, until he loves all the vegetables. It’s easier to feed kids fruit because they will eat it and want it, but they don’t develop their palates for vegetables.

To see how Suzy whips up a week's worth of food in just minutes, click on the video below.

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