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Help! Technology is Ruining Our Lives!

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At first glance, nanny cams and video monitors seem like modern day parenting conveniences. But could they actually be hurting our families more than helping?

We love technology. What did we do without email, cell phones, and TiVo? But when it comes to spy tactics, what starts as a good purchase - hey, we all want to protect our kids - can turn into too much of a good thing. We quizzed parents on the pros and cons of modern technology.


Chris, single mother of two going through a divorce.
"I bought a video monitor when my I was pregnant with my now four-year-old son. I thought it was the best invention. I've been able to get some sleep while knowing that I can respond to my kids' needs at any time. But with that comfort and confidence came a heightened level of stress. It feels like the kids are always in the room and that's not good for any relationship."

Julie, a married Mom of two, decided against the video monitor.
"I felt like it was the worst of both worlds. Having the kids right next to us without the benefits of bonding and cuddling doesn't sound ideal to me."

What about nanny cams? What began as a way to check in on the sitter has become evening television for parents. One Mom is disgusted in the "Nanny TV" trend. "Why watch Grey's Anatomy when you can gawk at every move your nanny makes while preparing dinner for your little angels? It's time to step back from the constant surveillance."

Don't have the latest gadgets? Why not just spy on her the way lots of other Moms do -- online in their pajamas.

What do you think? Has technology invaded your home for the better or worse?

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