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Surprise! Nicole Richie & Joel Madden Shower 100 Moms with Gifts
The expecting couple threw a surprise baby shower for 100 new moms and moms-to-be at the Los Angeles Free Clinic in Hollywood. Nicole and Joel presented the women with more than $200,000 worth of baby gifts on behalf of The Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation, according to Extra.

New Research on Kids and Peanut Allergies
A new study advises parents to wait until their children are three before exposing them to peanuts if there is a family history of peanut or other food allergies. "When kids are older, it can be easier to manage bad reactions," says a researcher from the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. "They can tell you right away if their mouths feel funny.”

Babies Can Tell Naughty from Nice
A study from Yale University has found that babies as young as six months old are able to judge whether or not someone is trustworthy. The researchers showed babies videos of different shapes playing the good guys and bad guys. When given the choice, the babies chose to play with the "good guy" shapes most of the time.

Prenatal Conditions May Be Linked to Anorexia
According to a study from the University of Sussex in Brighton, England, a boy who shares the womb with a twin sister is more likely to develop an eating disorder later on in life than one who has a male twin. The researchers say that their study is “a step forward” and shows that “something is happening in the womb” to influence the development of eating disorders.

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susan campbell December 31, 2007, 6:25 PM

i beleive your article, I am not anorexic nor do i have a eating disorder nor do i have a twin but in the womb if one baby is smaller and dosen’t get the right nutrition it would not have a desire to eat as the one that did, i beleive that would be true just as a set of female twins, one learns to eat well as the other starves because the nutrition is provided only enough for one, so is true a mother who is pregnet for 2 babies should eat more that way both babies get the nutrition they both need, as once 1 is full the other may take over and fill its self.

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