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You Better Watch Out...

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...Santa is on line one. One Mom confesses how Saint Nick helps her daughter to be good for goodness sake.


A Mom confesses: "Olivia has been getting very sassy with everyone from her teacher right down to her bus driver. She's not being bad, per se, she just has an answer for everything. Around Thanksgiving I usually get the ball rolling by telling her that Santa is watching, so she better behave. When we are out at public places like restaurants, I tell her that I saw Santa looking in the window so she better be on her best behavior. I have even said that he installed cameras at school to make sure all the kids are behaving. Then I build it up and say that he told me he would call on Sunday to see how she is acting at home. At this point, I call my brother and have him call back as "Santa." We just received that call.

I let it ring and then I pick up and tell Olivia that she has a phone call. When she finds out it's Santa, she's always surprised and a little nervous. I watch from the doorway as she sits back in her child sized recliner, in her pink footsie pajamas with a pirate patch over her eye (don't ask). The conversation is always so entertaining. He asks her a lot of questions about how she is doing and whether she's listening to her parents. And what always happens is she starts spewing all of this information about stuff that we never knew happened. Just now she just started telling him on the phone that she stopped teasing someone in her class. My jaw dropped open. On a good note, she ends the conversation by asking for some presents for her little brother. That was nice! I just hope she never finds out the truth about Santa, because this is too good to pass up every year."

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Heather December 3, 2007, 9:52 AM

Ah, yes. The Santa is watching means of discipline. I know it well. The problem with it in our house is that, as soon as Christmas is over and all the presents are unwrapped, all the pent up misbehavior comes flying out.

Jenny December 4, 2007, 1:29 AM

That’s HILARIOUS!!! Good for you for taking advantage of this opportunity and using it wisely! Although I must add, as our children get older they become much smarter so Olivia won’t buy into that forever. My daughter is now 9 and still believes in Santa however she has a lot of questions all of the time and they are getting harder and harder to answer (for ex: why did she find the letter she left Santa under the tree in her Grandmother’s suitcase last January? And why didn’t the reindeer eat the reindeer dust she left outside for them?)