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The 2007 Overprotective Awards

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This year there were plenty of stories of parents and school administrators overreacting to some pretty standard kid's stuff. From prudish to paranoid, adults were on hand to protect kids from, well, nothing actually.


The "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Award
Six Ripon High School cheerleaders in California were suspended after lifting their skirts with their team's nickname on their boxer shorts. Pretty racy...for 1907`.

The "Russian Hands Roman Fingers" Award
A 13-year-old girl in Illinois received two days of detention for hugging her friends, violating her school's policy that says, "Displays of affection should not occur on the school campus at any time." Wow, their school dances must be a blast--teens love doing the Hokey Pokey, right?

The "Art is so Subjective" Award
Teachers condemn a 6-year-old boy for drawing a stick figure holding a gun.
Hmm... weird. Next they'll be telling us little boys like to draw cars and trucks.

The "Tigger Gets Bounced Out of School" Award
A girl wearing Tigger socks was kicked out of school because she violated a dress code. Parents sued and ended up costing the school almost 100K in legal fees. That socks.

The "Brought to you by the Letters "XXX" Award
Old-school Sesame Street now comes with a severe warning that episodes might not "suit the needs of today's preschoolers." Reasons: Cookie Monster likes cookies, Oscar likes to be a Grouch and Big Bird acts like he's hopped up on goof-balls.

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