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When Your Man Doesn't Want Your Sex

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20 million marriages are sexless--no, it's not just yours.

Holy matrimony! Dudes don't want to do the deed? According to the NY Post, a recent study done by New York City sexologist and author Bob Berkowitz and his writer wife, Susan Yager-Berkowitz, finds that two out three men polled aren't into it because their wives don't excite them. Ouch! What's the matter guys, hairy legs and flannel don't get your engine revving?


Now, we at Mom•Logic like to joke about the lack of sleep, sex, and smooth legs as much as the next gal--but when it comes to saving our marriages, we say, hit the sack! It doesn't take a sex scientist to see that if you're not connecting physically, the rest will fall apart soon after. But don't take it from us--even Mom•Logic senior writer/producer Julie Taylor, co-author of How to Be a Dominant Diva, says just do it! "Sometimes the only way to get in the mood is to have sex even when you don't feel like it. Once the juices start flowing, the passion will kick in." Julie says that attempting to have sex at least once a week will boost your physical and emotional bond.

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6 comments so far | Post a comment now January 9, 2008, 9:05 PM

What do you think could be wrong if a man only had sex twice in 2 yrs with me (his wife of 10 yrs) he swears he does not sleep with anyone else and I do believe this. any advise or comments? HELP - LOVELESS IN VANCOUVER

jessie September 9, 2008, 12:46 PM

maybe his problem is medical.

gaylon November 8, 2008, 3:19 AM

loveless in Vancouver, I hate to say this but, men are very sexual. Do you think that a man is going to actually tell you hes having sex with someone else? You say you believe him. (hes not having sex with someone else). You did not really specify much. Are you happy? How old is he? has there been medical or psychological problems. You dont have to stay out all night to fool around, I hope for your sake hes not fooling you. If hes not fooling around it seems as though the love for you has vanished. you really need to talk to him in a calm manor and not be in denial. sometimes we hear and believe what we want in order not to be hurt. But aren’t you hurting more by not getting what you need from your marriage. Not having sex with your husband or wife is not normal.

cheryl January 8, 2009, 4:23 PM

ive been going out with this honey for three years now and sadly the sex has dissapppppppppeeaaaaaarrreeddd… soooooo, whhhhttt too doo whaat tooo doooooo?

CrazyOrCrazed June 19, 2009, 3:29 PM

My boyfriend of 2 years and the father of my 7 mo. daughter seems to have lost complete interest in sex. But I can’t help but remember (and fantasize over) how he USED to be when we first got together. We did it every single night and did it ALL too. Now, when I try to talk to him about the lacking and bring up the past behaviours, he denies that he was ever like that to begin with. I feel his issue with me is that I am not as tight as he would like me to be, but how can I fix that? I know about the Kegel exercises, but they are extremely uncomfortable for me, so what other options do I have? I feel hopeless.

Mona August 2, 2009, 10:18 AM

I got married 3 years ago and my husband doesn’t like to have sex. Is it that normal? last year we only did it 5 times and it only happen when I iniciated. What should I do?

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