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Don't Smoke 'em if You've Got 'em

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The new year brings new regulations in 31 states that Moms need to know about.


What you may have been doing legally earlier this week is now punishable by law. In fact, a whopping 31 states unveiled new rules to live by in 2008, according to a USA Today report.

•In California. it's now illegal to smoke in a car if a minor is inside. (And in July, expect to be stopped if you're chatting on a cell phone while driving.)

•Drivers under 18 are ordered to stay off the cell phone in Oregon. And Washington says no text messaging behind the wheel.

•Same-sex unions are now A-OK in New Hampshire, and Oregon's offering same-sex couples new domestic partnership procedures.

•And good news for travelers, airlines now must provide passengers fresh food, water, air and clean restrooms any time an aircraft is stuck on a tarmac for three hours or more.

•If you're a new parent in South Carolina this year, the law now requires you to watch a video on the risk of shaking infants and the importance of knowing child CPR.

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