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Is Botox Botoxic?

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Is it safe-slash-responsible for Moms to do Botox?


The consumer group Public Citizen says Botox and a similar injection should come with strong warnings, following reports of 16 deaths and other serious problems (such as muscle weakness and aspiration pneumonia) after the botulinum toxin spread inside the body, reports MSNBC. Naturally, this news inspired us to take an unscientific survey of those Moms closest to us re: Would you or wouldn't you? Moms said:

• "I have never tried Botox. I am afraid of needles and things that paralyze parts of your face. I'll take my laugh lines over the pain of an injection any day, but check in with me in 10 years, and maybe you'll get a different answer."

• "I've done it and would do it again, even given this new warning. There is a risk with everything. To me, the results are worth it."

• "I have never had Botox, and don’t enjoy the idea of injecting Botulism into my face. Feels kinda desperate to me."

• "I've considered it, but it seems entirely too scary. Besides—I kind of think women who have lines at a certain age are sexy...experienced. Is that weird?"

• "They say it's bangs or Botox after 35. I guess I'm back to bangs now. Better call my hairstylist!"

Would you get Botox, even if it means risking your life? Comment below.

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kimberly January 28, 2008, 10:24 PM

Maybe I will someday when I look really old and not feeling happy about the way I look. There are some alternatives to that thou…

marie April 11, 2008, 7:29 AM

No, everyone is going to get old, it’s just a part of live.. and i am who i am take me or leave me…. God blessed me with my looks and it’s all natural and that’s the way it will be…

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