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Trista Sutter's Guilty Pleasure

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Mom•Logic friend Trista Sutter discusses her bikini cover.


Trista and Ryan Sutter are reality show royalty, having met on the set of the Bachelorette, later marrying and now living happily in Colorado with their 5-month-old son, Max. Trista graces the cover of the latest issue of Us, looking quite svelte in her bikini. We reached out to her to follow up on her bod and babe.

On Sticking to her Diet: "Considering it is after the shoot in Hawaii, I have slacked off a little this week. I will get back on track next week, but I did eat some lemon tea bread from Whole Foods this morning for breakfast. When I am being really bad, I will go for Wendy's french fries dipped in a Frosty--its unbelievable. I don't believe in diets and will splurge now and then--its all about moderation!"

Her one weight loss tip: "I took two Revolution Abdominal Cuts every day, which are workout supplements."

On Trying for Baby #2: "We would love to have two babies close in age because I am an only child and think it would be nice for two children to grow up together. We're not necessarily trying, just being a normal husband and wife. It took two years for us to get pregnant with Max, and because it was our first, we were gung-ho about making the experience picture-perfect. Now that we have Max, we are a lot less stressed about getting pregnant. If it doesn't happen, we'll be satisfied with one child or consider adopting down the road."

On Facing Bikini Backlash: "The last time I was on Us, people were upset because they thought I was 'complaining' about my post baby weight too close to Max's birth. Some said I didn't appreciate Max or the body that housed him for nine months, which of course was not true. I just wanted to be fit and healthy so that I had more energy to care for him and live longer. The longer I live, the longer I can be with my child. So far everything I read about this cover has been positive."

On Max being almost 6 months old: "He won't fall asleep, and he's also developed this blood curdling scream when he's tired. The scream rocks me to the core, and I can't focus on anything. As a mother, it's so hard to hear, and you feel helpless. So right now, its about finding a way to get him to sleep more."

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For more on Trista and details on her diet and workout, pick up the latest Us Weekly.

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keri January 21, 2009, 10:09 AM

Why is trista on here, this place is supposed to be for decent women who are respectable moms. My kids told me there was a show about real estate agents who were showing apts and made comments about how even a superficial woman like trista would like it. My girls said that was referring to how trista was on the bachelorette and judging people by the size of their apartments as if she was super rich and had some mansion. I told my kids that’s called shallow and empty. Don’t anyone dare forget about the rude, shallow things this woman represents and how stupid of you to try and pass her off as admirable. I’d love to hear trista’s response to why she was so shallow, it was all on tv, so you can’t deny this one. That show was about the ditzy blonde but she took it further to be about the one with no substance either.

Anonymous February 26, 2009, 11:48 PM

did all of you vote? most of you are acting like high schoold kids. I have never been so ashamed to be an american! All of u that are married and have kids, go make dinner and put ur kids to bed, or go hit the gym!

lucyzapico  March 4, 2009, 3:55 PM

I think Jason did what he did for his son ty and himself. i hope and pray to god that he does stay with molly. but i would wanted to see him with melissa. Jason Do’nt worry you got want you been waiting for and i am glad that you choiced molly eventhough i am upset because you broke up with mel on national TV you could have done it in private. but my best of wishes for you and molly. Jason you rock& your #1 babe do’nt worry i think you did what you needed to do for you and your lovley son ty. best of luck jason

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