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For Your Own Good

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Health news Moms need to know.

No more junk: Junk food ads during TV shows aimed at kids under 16 are now banned in the UK, reports the BBC. Many wish the US would follow suit...

This is your brain after smoking: More ammunition for Moms warning teens against smoking—Researchers have now discovered that teen smoking may harm brain development and cause hearing loss, according to the Daily Mail. The brain is at heightened risk while maturing during adolescence, the study reports.

A good hike helps menopause: Okay, we hate to even think about menopause, but an article in USA Today gave us hope. A new study found that walking can help reduce stress and other psychological symptoms that can go along with the change of life. The study found that walking wasn't able to stop hot flashes that often start a few years before menopause. But, women who said they walked briskly 40-90 minutes five days a week were much less likely to report overwhelming levels of stress compared with sedentary women.

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