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For Your Own Good

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Health news Moms need to know.

Little Miss Sunshine: A little more sunshine might help you live longer, reports Reuters. Sunlight spurs the body to produce vitamin D (which helps protects against some cancers and ailments such as rickets, osteoporosis and diabetes), but fear of skin cancer is keeping many people in the shade and depriving them of this protection, researchers said. Their study suggests that, for some people, the health benefits from the sun outweigh the risk of skin cancer.

Unpopular = overweight?: Teenage girls who believed they were unpopular gained more weight over a two-year period than girls who viewed themselves as more popular, a recent study found. The AP reports that those who rated themselves low in popularity were 69 percent more likely than other girls to increase their body mass index by two units, the equivalent of gaining about 11 excess pounds. The study's lead author says how girls feel about themselves should be part of all obesity prevention strategies. We're divided in the office—some of us eat when we're upset while others of us can't even look at food, but either way, our kids are watching...

Four healthy habits that make you live longer: Good news! According to Reuters, British researchers have found that if you exercise, quit smoking, drink in moderation, and eat five fruits and veggies a day, you can add 14 years to your life. We're suddenly craving an apple...and a glass of Merlot.

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