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Mom Bloggers on Britney: Worried; Fed Up

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In part II of our series, more of our favorite Mom bloggers weigh in on the latest Britney drama.


Flip on any news channel, and you'll find talking heads trying to psychoanalyze Britney today. But the only perspective we're really interested in is the perspective of other Moms. So we got on the horn and called our favorite Mom bloggers to get their take on the latest Britney developments. Check out their MomLogic.

Day Tripping Mom: "What a tragic situation. My heart aches for her and her loved ones. I feel that in a way she's a victim of the American media and society. It seems there is a pattern—We like to watch as celebrities climb the highest point of fame and success, but actually love the fall from grace even more.I can't imagine being stalked every waking moment of my life and having my mistakes make the evening news. I do think however that in addition to being a victim of fame she suffers from some type of mental illness. I find it hard to believe as a mother that she would put the custody of her children at risk unless she was suffering from some type of mental instability. This story is heartbreaking and proof positive that money can't buy happiness."

Rosanne Tobey: "Britney's life is clearly out of control. She needs in-patient treatment: no treatment, no kids. I'm curious where the California Division of Youth and Family Services stands on this issue. Wouldn't they be involved if this was your average Jane?"

Ellen Feig: "Britney has become the poster child for celebrity train wrecks. However, as a divorced mother of two, my heart breaks for the kids—they are so little and to have to be exposed to this chaos is simply unfair. Can you imagine what a child thinks when he sees his mother taken out in a stretcher, sees his mother acting strangely and out of control? Britney, and K-Fed, need to remember that this is not only about them but about two small children who have already been exposed to way too much. Get your act together Brit or you'll be spending all your money on therapy...for you, K-Fed, Sean P and Jayden."

Mama Noire: "I am so tired of hearing about Britney Spears! She always looked a little "trailor park" to me. Now I know my suspicions were right on the money. Watching her life unfold on TV is like watching a reality TV version of Cops, and I'm ready to turn the channel."

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