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Marcia Cross Lobbies Against 'Drive-Through Mastectomies'
The Desperate Housewives co-star was on Capitol Hill Wednesday lobbying for a breast cancer bill that would let doctors decide when a patient is ready to go home after surgery and not the insurance company. As it stands, some women are forced to leave within hours of waking up. The actress came armed with a petition containing 20 million signatures.

Fox News Anchor Delivers Insensitive Rant about Heath's Death

Fox News Radio host John Gibson cruelly mocked Ledger’s death and his role in Brokeback Mountain during his Jan. 22 John Gibson Show radio broadcast. During the show, Gibson played an audio clip from the film of Jake Gyllenhaal’s character, Jack, telling Ennis (played by Ledger), "I wish I knew how to quit you." Gibson then coldly quipped, "Well, he found out how to quit you." Then, after playing another audio clip from the movie of Ledger’s character saying, "We're dead," Gibson mockingly said, "We’re dead," and played the clip again. Are you as disgusted as we are by this?

Congress Signs Off on Tax Rebates
Republicans and Democrats came together on an emergency economic stimulus package today, which will head to the Senate for a vote. Families will receive up to $1200 and individuals up to $600 in tax refunds, which the government hopes will ease growing fears of a recession. Great idea or too little too late?

5-Year-Old Hails a Ride
A 5-year-old girl took getting to school into her own hands—by hitchhiking. The woman who picked her up dropped her off at an elementary school eight miles away from her home. Someone's not getting dessert tonight.

Adults Skip Vaccine Shots
A growing number of adults are not getting available vaccines for shingles, whooping cough and cervical cancer according to a new study by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says adults forget that vaccines are available and the dreaded shots do not end after childhood. We add: Some adults are just chicken. Bawk.

Sticky Fingers = Hereditary?
Or at least it seems so for one California family. A grandmother, mother and grandchildren were arrested for swiping over $900 worth of products from Target. You know what they say: The family who steals together, stays together...? Or no?

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