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Obama Predicted to Take SC

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Mom•Logic Friend, Liz Gumbinner of Mom-101, on South Carolina's Saturday caucus


What’s happening:
Tuesday’s tempestuous debate and some Bill vs. Barack below-the-belt back and forth have now brought us full-swing into the South Carolina Democractic presidential primary. Dems are already racing to the polls in record numbers.

All eyes are on predicted winner Obama in this crucial Southern state where African Americans make up half the Democratic voters while women make up more than half.

It's no surprise women there are divided along racial lines between the two leading candidates, but not in every case. While the Reverend Jesse Jackson, a SC native, backs Obama, his wife Jacqueline recorded a radio ad in support of Clinton. And don’t count Edwards out just yet— a last-minute spike in popularity attributed to his “above the fray” stance during the debates could portend him swiping second place in his home state and remaining in the race.

Two important endorsements this week may or may not sway voters— South Carolina’s largest paper, The State, endorsed Obama as “most likely Democrat to unify America.” Meanwhile, The New York Times declared Clinton “more qualified, right now, to be President.”

Why it’s important to moms:
If Edwards is knocked out today, the absence of a white male Democratic contender for president would make this a singularly fascinating moment in American history.

An Obama-Clinton matchup will definitely make the choice challenging for U.S. mothers, many of whom are inspired by Obama’s charisma, energy, and message of hope and unification, but feel more confident with Clinton’s experience and vocal support of women’s issues. While of course there are those making decisions on the basis of race or gender, many moms are sticking to the issues.

What’s important to us? Education, jobs, and healthcare reform top most lists.

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