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Obama vs. Clinton: The Showdown

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Pundit Mom says: Democratic candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton rev up for the South Carolina primary this week.

What happened: The gloves were off in South Carolina when Obama and Clinton traded barbs harsh enough to stun the audience. The word on the street is that John Edwards is playing the "grown-up wing of party," but that he will only "show" behind Obama and Clinton. But after Monday's spewing between the two candidates, Edwards could have a boost in the numbers.

Why It's Important for Moms: There's no doubt that Clinton is on a roll, fresh from wins in New Hampshire and Nevada. As for the three Demo candidates, Edwards, Obama and Clinton all weigh in positive on mom issues like education, supporting working families and universal healthcare.

Many are saying that black women are going to be the largest voting group in South Carolina—so if they don't go with the South Carolina native (Edwards), who will get their vote? Paul Begala and The Nation's Katrina vanden Heuvel agreed on The Today show that Obama will take South Carolina. We are not so sure.

As for the GOP, Florida should get interesting—Rudy Giuliani has been a non-player in the primaries and caucuses until now and is putting all his eggs in the Florida basket. But John McCain may have momentum coming off last week's GOP South Carolina primary. It would be no surprise if Fred Thompson pulled out and supported McCain, taking some steam from Mitt Romney and bolstering the McCain effort as Thompson reaches for the VP spot.

One thing is for sure: The next few states are up for grabs. Not even the pollsters and pundits can call it yet!

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