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Our Favorite Bitches

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Mom•Logic picks our top family flicks featuring Fido.


This week, the American Kennel Club announced it's annual list of top 10 most popular dogs breeds. And as they have been for the last 17 years, Labradors were voted "Top Dog." We're dog lovers in the Mom•Logic office, and we all have our own opinions of what's the best. One thing we can ALL agree on: We love any dog that'll entertain our kids while we get dinner made. That said, here's our countdown of the best family dog movies. (NOTE: We've left out well-worn classics like Old Yeller and Lassie to make room for the new breed of dog films. Let us know if we omitted your favorite.)

5) Milo & Otis
Narrated with by the super-talented Dudley Moore, this funny and touching film follows the adventures of a Pug and kitten who become fast furry friends. A great lesson for kids! Proves that if mortal enemies dogs and cats can get along, they can play nice with their sister.

4) Babe
No, we don't need to spend some time with a farm animal "See and Say." We know Babe is a pig. But Babe is a pig who wants to be a dog. Plus, Babe's co-stars are some very wise Border Collies. That'll do, pig. That'll do.

3) Beethoven
First off, Charles Grodin is so funny in this movie as the typical befuddled father. Secondly, if your kids like slapstick and big slobbery dogs, this movie is for you.

2) Air Bud
Totally fun Disney family fare about a boy and his stray hoop playing dog.. One warning from our friends at Common Sense Media. "If you don't have a dog already, be aware that kids may be inspired by this film to bring home stray dogs and try to teach them to play basketball."

1) My Dog Skip
Might want to save this one for the tweens, because it can get pretty darn sad at the end. But as far as a boy and his dog stories go, this is the one. Trivia: Skip was played by Moose the Jack Russell on Fraiser.

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