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Runaway's Mom: 'My Kids Are My Life'

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Her son, along with his 13-year-old girlfriend, have been missing since January 12.

Update: We spoke again this morning with Mary Wismer, the mom of Gage, the missing teen who ran away with his girlfriend Hannah and dog last Saturday and hasn't been spotted since. On Saturday, Hannah allegedly called a friend from a motel in Nevada. "When I heard about that phone call, I was so happy to know they are alive and okay," said Mary. "I just want them home! I am worried if they run out of funds, they would resort to stealing for money. I want Gage to know I am ready to hop on a plane and will go get him. We will work it out." Police still believe the teens are headed to California. If you've seen them, please call the Genesee County Sheriff's Department at (810) 257-3406.

This morning, we told you about the two Michigan teens--Gage, 15, and Hannah, 13--who ran off together, and the nationwide search for them. This is every Mom's worst nightmare. We talked to Gage's Mom, Mary Wismer, 44, to find out more details.

"Gage has been missing since last Saturday, and I can't believe he hasn't called me yet. I have been a stay-at-home mom for 15 years. He's a mama's boy, and we have a close relationship. He talked to me about everything. In the note he left me, he said he would try and contact me in two months. It seems like he knew he'd be gone for a while, because he took nine pairs of jeans, and he packed lots of stuff including his Xbox 360."

"Gage had been dating Hannah since February 18, 2007. They claim to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but they hardly saw each other and mostly talked on the phone. Hannah seemed troubled, and Gage always wanted to rescue her. Gage loves Hannah, and I believe he ran off with her to try and save her. The headline in the local newspaper said, 'They're Young, in Love, and Missing--Modern Day Romeo and Juliet.' She was allegedly having a hard time at home and thought he was her only way out. I believe she made threats of doing harm to herself, and he was trying to stop her."

"As a Mom, this is so hard on me. My kids are my life. It's the little things I find the hardest, like when his school bus comes by the house in the morning, or when Gage's friends call me from school crying. I feel in my heart my son is out there, and he's taking care of Hannah, but I just don't know where to look. At this time, the authorities and I believe Gage may be heading to California or Colorado. I don't feel I'm doing enough. I wonder if he's thinking, 'Why hasn't my mom come and gotten me? She's always been there for me!' He has no idea what he's gotten himself into. He really loves Hannah and cares about her. But Hannah's parents told the newspaper she takes medication for her bipolar disorder, and she doesn't have her medicine with her. Maybe Gage will see a difference in her and get scared and call me? I just want them home safe."

So do we. We'll keep you updated on this breaking story.

Click on an image to view photos of missing teen Gage Petherbridge.

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Diane January 18, 2008, 4:14 PM

very sad. I hope they are found soon.

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