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Tips on how you can prevent passing your cold on to your children.


Cold and flu season blows! We hate how illnesses seem to rotate around our families—the thought of getting our kids sick when we're sick is especially nauseating, and that's not the stomach bug talking. We asked Mom•Logic's pediatrician, Dr. Cara Natterson, for some advice on preventing keeping colds from going to and fro within the family, because by the time DH gets sick, we're just really annoyed and shockingly unsympathetic. (Isn't that so wrong-but-true?).

Here's three things you can do to contain your germs, courtesy of Dr. Cara:

1. Hand washing, hand washing, hand washing. It's the very best defense against an infection. Don’t rely on a quick wipe with Purell because old fashioned soap and water works better. The act of rubbing your hands together and creating friction is important in removing the infection from your hands.

2. Teach your kids to cough into their elbows. This contains the respiratory droplets that carry viruses and spread infection.

3. Disinfect like a madwoman.In addition to obvious places like the bathroom, you or someone you love should wipe all of the wipeable toys and wash all of the washable toys.

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