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I Wish I'd Known About Maternity Leave...

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Advice from Moms who've been there, done that.


The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck returns from maternity leave today. That got the Moms in the office to talking about their own maternity leaves...and what they wish they could tell Moms about to start theirs. One Mom says: "Don't make a million to-do lists and expect that you'll get everything done during your 'time off.' Maternity leave is anything but TIME OFF!" True that! Another Mom warns against planning any big parties or events during your maternity leave. "I decided it would be the perfect time to organize a family reunion of 75 people," she recalls. "That was one of the worst decisions I've ever made--I was a crying, blubbery, stressed-out mess." Another Mom here says that you should just focus on getting to know your baby, and that's it. "Don't worry about doing special projects or reading books or planning visits with friends," she says. "Let friends come to you. Tell someone to tell them to bring food. Your routine at the beginning should be: wake up, eat, feed baby, change diapers, gaze at baby adoringly, both take a nap. Repeat for 4-6 weeks!" Sounds like the perfect prescription to us.

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