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When Honey Makes You Fat

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What to you do when your spouse sabotages your diet?


Losing weight is hard—all that diet and exercise is enough to drive a girl to a double chocolate cheesecake. But seriously, when you're working hard to get or stay in shape, the worst part is when your partner seems to be working against you.

According to a New York Times report, women will do almost anything to support the dieting man in her life, including changing her own shopping, cooking and eating habits. But when it comes to women making positive changes, it's tough to get the guy on board. Dr. Howard M. Shapiro, a Manhattan physician who has specialized in weight loss for 15 years, analyzed data from over 6000 patients. He found that 70% of the women struggled with lack of support from their partners, as opposed to 5% of his male patients. "Most husbands are saboteurs," Dr. Shapiro said. "They persist in bringing snack foods and desserts into the home and 'reward' their wives' weight loss with trips to fancy restaurants. I had one patient who lost 30 pounds, and her husband took her on a two-week tour of three-star restaurants in France. She gained back half her weight."

One Mom•Logic Mom has lived with the spousal sabotage. "When I am passing on the pizza and junk food, my husband is visibly bummed out. I hate that sometimes I feel bad for being good."

If only we could pig out with the guys and not be the size of a house, right? Now you can! Our pal Hungry Girl has recipes for fries, onion rings, pizza and nachos that will make him feel like a manly man while you achieve (or keep) that girlish figure! We heart Hungry Girl!

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Anonymous January 7, 2008, 2:58 PM

This weekend, I told my husband I was trying to avoid temptation of bad food and I was barely done speaking when he said “let’s open a bottle of wine”. I think he’d rather me have weight on and eat what he eats than feel better about myself.

Name Meanings October 20, 2009, 3:05 PM

Try to convince your husband to eat healthy foods then. And then once a week you can treat yourselves out to eat anything you like.

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