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Bowl Not So Super for Pats

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When your kid expects to win, what do you say when they lose?


The Patriots loss hit a little too close for one Mom. In fact, what the team's going through today is something all too familiar in her house. Her child is an exceptional athlete who excels at almost anything— both athletically and academically. But sometimes, someone else —not her kid—is the best. What should a Mom say when a kid has his or her high expectations dashed by a defeating loss?

Mom•Logic friend and family counselor Rosanne Tobey says that parents can be key in getting a kid through it.

• Be empathetic. Realize that although it may not be all that important to you, the loss can be a big deal to them.

• Let them talk. It's important to let your child express their feelings. It's an opportunity to help them find words to attach to feelings—disappointment, frustration and sadness are emotions they may not be familiar with.

• Give 'em space. Kids need to process feelings in their own time. Give them the room and they'll come around. Some kids might extend the grief process because they like the attention. Encourage them to join you in another activity— something to help get them out of the funk.

Rosanne adds that it's important to be in tune to what your child is feelling. "If your child doesn't seem to be able to move past it after some time has passed, there may be more going on—enlisting the help of a professional is always a good idea."

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