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Can Parents Control Bus Safety?

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Two Moms debate the issue.

We posted How Safe is Your Kid's School Bus? to call attention to the number of injuries that occur on school buses every year, and what steps we can take to prevent them. This sparked controversy among many of our Moms. RealMomsHaveCurves spoke out: "I know when I rode on the school bus (every day, mind you) there was nothing to keep me and my comrades from hitting the roof in the event of an accident. They should have seatbelts, especially if you consider that many moms don't have an option to NOT put their kids on the bus." However, another Mom had this to say: "I disagree, because moms do have an option, take your own children to school if you feel that they are not safe."

Which Mom do you agree with? Support them in our Mom•Logic Community.

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