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Doggie!! Owie!! Why??

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When a Chow bit one Mom, it got us thinking.


A crazy dog bit a Mom•Logic Mom as she was walking with her son the other day, resulting in 3 stitches and a fair amount of trauma for her and her toddler, who kept asking: "Doggie! Owie! WHY???"

"The dog started to bark when he saw me and my cross-dressing 2-year-old pushing a stroller. (But that's another story). When I smiled at the owner she reassured me that the dogs "just slobber." Just then, the beast jumped high enough to put its head over the fence and bite me.

I was so in shock I couldn't say anything. I kept touching my arm thinking, have I been bitten? What if the dog had bitten my child?"

Hours after the incident the cops and Animal Control came to do a report. I really didn't want anything bad to happen to this dog. But then I thought, this is the kind of stuff you read about on Dateline--someone doesn't report a dog and then the animal ends up killing somebody. So, I told Animal Control everything. Wouldn't you?

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Christy February 18, 2008, 10:23 PM

You HAVE to give accurate information. It’s not up to you what happens to the dog. They could have kept their dog in their backyard where it wouldn’t have had the chance to bite anyone.

tara February 20, 2008, 10:40 PM

If a dog bites once and tastes blood u can bet your sweet a;; it is going to want it again. Not only dog biting human but dog biting dog. My neighbors dog killed 2 dogs and attacked a total of 4. 1 of the dogs killed was mine in front of my 8 year old daughter and her friend. We dont get to choose if the dog gets put down or not but we sure can make it difficult for the owner to keep it.

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