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Just Add Twins and Blend?

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How will Marc Anthony's three other children react to their new step-siblings?


Every milli-second of J.Lo's pregnancy has been documented, it seems. You couldn't turn on the TV or log onto your computer without seeing another shot of her in a new designer maternity dress. But one thing that hasn't been talked about much is Marc Anthony's three other kids: Arianna, 13; Anthony, 7; and Ryan, 4. What about them?

We talked to Ericka Lutz, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Stepparenting, about the struggles a family often faces when bringing new babies into a blended family, and how to overcome them.

Respect older kids'  feelings: "Kids' reactions to the infant are not always warm and welcoming," she warns. "The youngest child may mourn his lost position as 'family baby' as he moves to a 'middle child' position. If handled incorrectly, and if the parents are too wrapped up in their howling little bundles of joy to reassure the older children, a new baby (or in this case, babies) can block up the relationship between kid, bio-parent, and stepparent."

Let babies work their magic:  Have you got a kid or stepkid who's reluctant to warm up to the baby? Don't beg, cajole, or bribe, says Lutz. "Let the baby handle it," she advises. "Babies are brilliant at seduction. The first time a half-sibling encounters a toothless smile, he'll be wooed!"

Allow bonds to build over time: "Once the baby is born, kids generally relate to their new half-sibling the same way kids always relate to siblings: with a combination of love and hate, interest and disinterest, connection and repulsion. Half-siblings are brothers and sisters to each other. They'll build their own relationships, and they'll have their own pleasures and disappointments with each other. Parents don't have a lot of control over that."

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Kristin February 25, 2008, 4:40 PM

When my new husband and I brought our daughter home, I was very conscious of including my son from a previous marriage (he was 7). We lavished him with as much attention as we could when we were with him. I think the challenge for Marc and J.Lo is that SO MUCH attention will be put on these babies, it will be hard NOT to feel like they’re less important. I mean, supposedly their first baby photo is worth something like 6 million. Marc should schedule one on one time with his 3 other kids, and also mention them in interviews, so they do not feel forgotten. And J.Lo should try to be understanding of that alone time he needs to have with his other children. It will only make their family stronger.

guadalupe Cervantes August 18, 2008, 11:45 PM

Jo Lo was a pig as Marc Anthony’s ex-wife stated in an interview. She had not waited but a week to marry Marc and believe me she was not thinking of ex-wife’s disposition or the children’s.
I don’t think she will consider them within a blended family. J Lo needs to make amends to those kids before she begins to blend a family. Therapist,Lupe

anonimo October 3, 2008, 7:35 PM

soy fanatica de ese gran cantate espero que todo le siga bien y muchos exitos y por poner a puerto rico en alto

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