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Giving Baby the Presidential Treatment

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Baby Names Jennifer Moss: Turns out that the Prez influences more than just policy.


As we celebrate President's Day, it's fun to look back at our forefathers and see how many have influenced baby naming trends.The name John, for example, was most popular in the years 1962-1965, during and immediately after the presidency of John F. Kennedy. It was also the time when people started using Kennedy as a first name. But if you're considering this name, be aware: the original meaning of the name is "ugly helmet head!"

In 1933, the year Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated, the name "Franklin" jumped from #148 to #33 for male births in the U.S.

So, are parents nowadays naming their babies after the country's first office? It doesn't look like it. The name Reagan actually disappeared from the top 1000 baby names list during the actor's presidency and the (primarily Southern name) Clinton dropped dramatically during Bill's term in office. I haven't come across any "Bush" babies born in the last decade, either.

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baby girl February 18, 2008, 2:55 PM

I like the name Lincoln, as a first name.

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