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Uma Thurman may come face-to-face with ‘stalker’: The actress and mother of two may testify against her alleged stalker in a trial set for March in NYC. Uma alleges that Jackson Jordan became obsessed with her and even threatened to kill himself if he saw the single Mom out with another man. A sobering reminder for all Moms who envy celebrity. Life in the spotlight can be downright scary.

Is teen pregnancy the latest craze?: 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears is not helping teens. Experts says that although teen pregnancy rates are not on the rise, celebrities like pregnant Jamie Lynn make babies seem like fashion accessories and do nothing to discourage young girls from getting pregnant. Might we suggest a nice pair of earrings instead?

Woman prioritizes—beer or baby?: A Florida woman was arrested when police pulled her over and not only discovered a 16-month old child in the back seat unrestrained, but a buckled up 24-pack of Busch beer. The driver was arrested for drunk driving, child abuse and for having crummy taste in beer.

Hyper kids need some sleep: If your kid is bouncing off the wall, it could be due to a lack of sleep. Doctors say 2% of kids suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, which can lead to behaviors typically associated with ADHD. Okay, let us just go peel our kid off the wall.

Boy holds up classmate: A 10-year-old California boy held up a 6-year-old classmate with a foam pellet gun and demanded his Pokemon trading cards. The 10-year-old was arrested and held in juvenile hall and the school district is currently considering raising his suspension to expulsion. Sounds like the showdown between the legendary "Mew" and the bio-engineered "Mewtwo," master trainer....Hey, we don't get it either.

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