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Moms' Candidate Cheat Sheet

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Haven't made up your mind? Check out this chart before you vote.

Since Super Tuesday is tomorrow, here's a chart showing you where the Republican and Democratic candidates stand on important issues that matter to Moms.

For more information on the candidates, reprinted with permission of the Associated Pressclick here


*Extend middle class tax cuts

*New cuts for health and childcare


*Expand Head Start program

*$3,500 tax credit for college students

*Mandatory healthcare insurance plan

*Families receive tax credits to help pay for coverage

*Advocates middle class tax cuts

*Tax credits to working families
*Better pay and training for teachers

*$4,000 tax credit for college students
*Mandatory insurance for children

*Insurance paid for by rolling back tax cuts for richest Americans
*Eliminate all income tax

*Advocates 23% national sales tax on all but education
*Advocates arts and music instruction

*Advocates public and charter schools
*Advocates consumer-based system

*Opposes mandate

*Make insurance affordable through tax cuts

John McCain
*Would cut corporate tax rates 10%

*Would make Bush administration tax cuts permanent
*More federal money to local schools * Advocates consumer based system

*Opposes mandatory healthcare insurance plan
*Advocates 23% national sales tax *Advocates tax credits to pay for education

*Wants citizens to receive tax cuts for donations to local schools
*Would make all health care expenses tax deductable

*Opposes mandatory healthcare insurance plan

Mitt Romney
*Supports making Bush tax cuts permanent

*Has not endorsed the 23% national sales tax proposal
*More teacher benefits

*Greater focus on Math/Science to remain globally competitive
*Advocates a private insurance system

*Thinks states should have flexiblity to create their own programs.

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Charles February 5, 2008, 10:26 AM

Again you mischaracterize Ron Paul! He does not advocate a 23%, or any other percent, sales tax. He’s for the abolishment of the IRS, eliminating all income tax. He wants to abolish taxing Social Security payments as well.

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