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Top 5 Social Networking Sites for Tweens

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All Mom-tested, Mom•Logic approved.


Stardoll: Combines social networking with online gaming. Girls ages 10-17 can play games, create a MeDoll and put them in a scene with a celebrity stardoll like Zac Efron, and chat with cyber friends if given written parental permission. Stardoll also notifies parents if kids are on the the site for an extended period of time.

Whyville: Perfect for budding entrepreneurs and politicians. "Citizens" can write for its newspaper, start a business, buy a car and earn "clams." You cannot access the site unless you receive parental permission and take a "chat license test."

Imbee: Tweens create their own avatars, write blogs, share trading cards, upload videos, and join groups. Parents sign kids up and there are built-in security settings with age-appropriate parameters for your child.

Allykatzz: A safe, monitored social networking site for girls ages 10-15 that lets them see the world through the eyes of other girls. It not only gives tweens the chance to interact, but also shares news that matters to kids and parents.

Yamod: A safe alternative to YouTube for kids age 14 and younger, combining social networking with video and photo sharing.

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