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How Britney Spears Can Help Moms

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The troubled pop star can help parents everywhere impart life lessons.


Moms of teens and tweens are fielding countless questions about Brit's recent hospitalization. Psychologist and friend of Mom•Logic Dr. Pamela Varady says we can take this opportunity to teach our kids about mental illness and depression.

• If your child brings Britney up, ask what they've heard so far and clarify any misinformation. Tell your child that most likely, Britney Spears is suffering from mental illness and depression.

• Explain how empty Britney probably feels deep down. Say, "She turned to drinking and partying and fame to make her feel better, but that didn't help." Discuss how Britney is hurting on the inside, and how she's finally in a hospital where she can get the help she needs.

• Open the lines of communication. Say, "If you ever feel sad for more than a week, please come to me. There are things that we can do to make you feel better."

Do you plan to talk to your kids about Britney? Comment below.

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Anonymous February 5, 2008, 2:53 PM

I don’t have any children nor do I know anyone with a bi-polar disorder. I do know some people with other mental diseases and most times, whatever their behavior - it is not their fault. I feel very badly for Britney. Yes, she’s famous and yes, she’s been doing some really crazy things. But she is still a person and those actions were not actions of a sane and in control person. She is a very sick woman. If your kids are fans, because no parent can completely censor their kids, I think it is a very good idea to see how they are feeling about everything and making sure they understand. This will help to prevent future negative comments from them as adults like other ones up there. Kids should be taught compassion and that it isn’t every man for himself all the time. Maybe a little more of that around the world would help. K-Fed should take part blame for all of this because he was there when it all started happening and no one can know what went on behind their closed doors. Right now I think people should either support Britney and others like her or they should just keep their mouth shut. Negativity never helped anyone. Someday, people will understand her disorder more and then they won’t think that she is just a spoiled rich brat. And let’s not forget how great her parents seem not to be. I am sure with a not so good upbringing where you are a star at a young age does not help anyone. So, in reading this article and all of your thoughts on this I agree with the people who are not attacking Britney and disagree quite strongly with those who are. And by the way I am not even a fan of Britney.

Violet C February 5, 2008, 3:02 PM

Bi polar disorder in my family, possibly also my 16 year old daughter.
Important note: Hypersexual behaviour is a sign of moof disorder, not a ‘lack of decency’.

Tam February 5, 2008, 3:52 PM

I am so saddened by the lack of understanding in our society. The media is there to capture every movement that Brit has made throughout one of the most difficult times a young woman can endure. She did not loose her children only because she has bipolar disorder induced by severe post partum depression but also Kevin F who was ready to pounce on what she’s worked for. Remember when he was going out to bars and hooking up with random women while Brit was pregnant with 2nd son and taking care of their 1st son? Then to add insult to injury, he sues her for the children. She is in so much emotional pain it’s no wonder she’s over the edge. PEOPLE have a heart and back off! The media and others who are so eager to condemn need to stop pushing this girl or she will be the next Anna Nicole.

GS Gal February 6, 2008, 3:05 PM

I agree with Tam, Britney will be the next Anna Nicole, He parents do work, Her father owns a catering company and the mother writes book (lol)…I am a mother of 3 kids, in which they listen to the radio & watch TV, read books, beach, whatever they would like to do really-this was a good way to describe mental illness to my 2 older children and explaining stuff like this to them. No the Spears family are not roles models, well make mistakes, but they are in our faces everyday, Grocery Stores, TV, News papers, etc..Hopefully the Spears Parnets will help her get back to herself.

jenna February 7, 2008, 3:21 AM

Hmmm. I’ve watched my Dad, his brother, and my best friend’s mom all go over the deep end and into the temporary insanity of bipolar. Every single one was unrecognisable when they were “up”.

Have some compassion.

Sonita February 7, 2008, 8:24 AM

I’m not a fan of Britney’s music. But I am now cheering for her. As a mom suffering from postpartum and bipolar, I feel for her. It’s sad that she is having to go through this hard time being judged by ignorant people like some of those on this board.

I hope and pray Brit gets well, and uses her fame to speak out and educate ignorant people about mental illness. It is a disease, just like cancer, or diabetes. Britney can’t control her actions right now any more than a cancer patient can control their cancer. And I think it’s sad that she’s having to go through this so publicly, but I hope she can turn it around and use it to do some good.
My kids are too young (1 and 4) to talk to about Brit, but, being bipolar myself, and having a MIL who is schizophrenic, my children will be aware of mental illness, and I will talk to them about it.
And, weather you like Brit or not, grow up and use this chance to open the lines of communication with your kids, otherwise, they just might turn away from you in their time of need. Mental illness can strike anyone at anytime.

Lu February 7, 2008, 3:56 PM

I don´t have kids, I’m 22 and as an adolescent I used to be a fan of Britney. She was a model for me, not because of the things she did but because she was beautiful,cool,I liked her music and dancing and she was sweet. “Famous models” (since my role models have always been my parents) for kids aren’t always people who do good things morally. When I grew up I started hating her since I realised she was no model and her behaviour didn’t appeal to me. Now I feel sad.I believe she’s very ill.1-I feel blaming K-Fed for this is stupid! She chose him for a reason, maybe she needed that at that point. Now a least he takes care of their kids. 2-Papparazzi should stop following this girl, she needs some peace 3- take that Sam out of her life! 4-Tell her mom to wake up (PLEASE READ LYNN’S DECLARATION IN TMZ)she’s not caring for her girl if she lets Sam do all that stuff.
I have a bipolar friend, and I understand how it hurts and how they become another person, so let’s pray for this girl and stop acting like this is a funny show to watch. PS. If ur kids ask, I think it’s ok to talk.

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