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10-Year-Old vs. "Hockey Rage"?

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This Mom's family was barred from their son's hockey games after a skirmish with a coach.


Mom•Logic: According to your son, what happened?

Charron: His coach was still in the locker room with some kids. He and about eight others were waiting to go on the ice for practice. He was playing around with his friend. It may have looked liked a real fight, but it wasn't, according to him and his friend. A coach from another team grabbed my son and tossed him to the side. After being tossed, my son says he stood up and tried to come to me, but the coach proceeded to push him against the rink board. That's when my son hurt his back. My son says the coach grabbed his wrist and picked him up the second time and placed him in front of the locker room door, and that's when my son hit his head the second time. Zachary says he finally got away and ran to me.

Mom•Logic: What did you do next?

Charron: My husband was fuming after seeing the red mark. We went to talk to the coach, and my husband pushed him and said, "How do you like being tossed?" The coach denied any wrong doing ... My son is a 60-pound kid, and he shouldn't be tossed like "a sack of potatoes," as my husband says. My husband admits he was wrong for pushing the coach, and he has been suspended indefinitely from coaching, as he also coached a lower level team. I hope they suspend the coach. He went overboard. There are other ways to handle a situation with two 10-year-olds.

Mom•Logic: What advice do you have for other Moms?

Charron: We have to watch the coaches, and if something happens, we need to document things. I documented my son's injuries and went to the police and filed a report, so it's on record. If I decide to press charges, all the information is there. I understand why parents have rage. We are sending our kids to these coaches to encourage, educate, and nurture them, not to make them feel bad, hurt them, and manhandle them. When you have a child, your natural instinct is to protect them at any cost. You are going to fight back if someone hurts your child. I would take a bullet for my kid any day. It's all about the kids, not the adults and coaches, it's the kids.

Calls were made to the Cambridge Youth Hockey organization and because it's become a legal matter they were unable to comment at this time.

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RealMomsHaveCurves  February 29, 2008, 12:58 PM

The coach deserved your anger.

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