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My Kid's Better Looking than Yours

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The Gap kid model casting call for received thousands of could they ALL be considered good-looking?


We all can't have children worthy of being on magazine covers, yet all Moms do think our little babies are the cutest, most beautiful creatures ever to toddle the earth. So, here's some info that none of us want to hear...

Fact: Some of us have funny-looking /unattractive kids that only a mother could love.

Try telling that to the parents of the 800,000 children entered into the recent Gap kid model search. There is no way all those kids were easy on the eyes. No doubt, a few thousand had the misfortune to inherit Aunt Karen's enormous ears or Uncle Bob's cockeyed gaze. The sad truth is, there are a few of us out there whose kids might fare better in an "Ugliest Kid in America" contest, but which one of us would enter our bundle of child-perfection into that competition?

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