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Mom-preneurs: Not at all "Cute"

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Guest blogger Role Mommy is fighting mad after a young woman is condescending toward Moms.


I don't know about you, but I thrive on spending time with like-minded women who can relate to what I'm going through as I attempt my daily high wire act balancing work and family.

But when outsiders step into my world, like young women who make inane comments about how it's so "cute" that we mommies stick together, or men who remark how "adorable" it is that some of us are trying to run mom-friendly businesses, that's when my fangs come out. 

Yes, physically, I consider myself cute. But mentally, I have worked too hard and too long building relationships and networking with other incredible individuals to be reduced to chihuahua status by some dismissive person who is out of touch with my generation or a young woman who thinks my peers and I are like ancient relics who are laughable for trying to do it all.

For all you people out there who think women with Mom-owned businesses are cute--well you've got another think coming. Some of the most successful mothers I know have made millions with their Mom concepts. Others, who were brilliant marketers at major advertising agencies, have parlayed their talents into lucrative writing gigs. Then there are those like me who have transformed their careers--jumping off the corporate fast track so they could be there for their family but still find time to make a living doing what they love.

So a word of caution to young women who may one day want to follow in our footsteps. Do not belittle, look down upon, or feel sorry for us. We are driven, we are ambitious, we are dreamers and we are Moms. Motherhood defines a great part of my life, but my passions are just as important.

In fact, the reason why I now do the things I love is because I want my own kids to see that it is possible to go after your dreams even when you're raising a family. If the next generation of young women know that we are trying hard to pave the road for them, maybe they'll think twice before they call us cute.

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