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From Mom Insomnia to Sweet Dreams

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In honor of National Sleep Awareness Week, we turned to Mom•Logic sleep expert, Jill Spivack, for advice.


1. Exercise when you can. Get some fresh air each day. Take the stroller to the mall or walk around the block with the older kids after dinner.

2. Schedule your bedtime. Keep to approximately the same bedtime every night and wake up about the same time each morning--set your alarm if your kids aren't reliable!

3. Create a good sleep environment. Set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature (68-70 degrees) and make sure your room is dark and quiet.

4. Use your bed for sleep and sex only. Avoid eating, watching TV or reading in bed.

5. Breathe yourself to sleep. Climb into bed, take a deep breath in, and count to five. Then hold your breath, counting to five again. Then blow out slowly once again, counting to 5. Do this exercise 5 times and you'll be conked out! Your brain can't think about anything when you're counting and your body will become relaxed while you breathe deeply.

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