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Family Tradition: Hippity Hop Bunny Cake

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MomLogic's Rachel: My Mom made this cake for me and my brother every year for Easter. Now I make it with my own kids. It's fun and totally easy, I promise.


1. Cook two round 8-inch cakes (yellow Duncan Hines cake mix is my favorite.)
2. Once they cool, cut one in half and the other in quarters.
3. Use the two halves as the bunny's body. The flat parts go on the platter with the rounded sides up.
4. Use one of the quarters as the face and position a half of another quarter at the rear (the bunny's tail).
5. Use white frosting to cover the entire bunny. Then sprinkle with coconut.
6. Use jelly beans for eyes and nose.
7. To make the ears, cut out two diamond shapes (rounded on one side) and use tooth picks to anchor ears.
8. For a little laugh, put black jelly beans at the base of the bunny's tail!
9. Use green Easter grass to cover the if your bunny is sitting in the grass.
Cut and enjoy!

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