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Bringing Down a Child's Fever ... Naturally

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A pediatrician's guide to drug-free fever reduction.


Pediatrician and friend of Mom•Logic Dr. Gwenn recommends a few home remedies to treat the fever without meds:

Stay calm: "A lot of parents see fever and get freaked out by it, but a fever is actually the body's way of fighting off infection," says Dr. Gwenn. Keep an eye on how your child is responding to the fever. But if it is getting close to 104 degrees and higher, treat it!

Drink up: A fever burns off not only water but also salt, says Dr. Gwenn. Because of the possibility of dehydration, have your child drink sports drinks or suck on popsicles or ice to keep them cool and hydrated.

Soak 'em: A lukewarm bath, while your kid may not think it's pleasant, is an excellent way to bring down body temperature.

 Don't 'overbundle': While your child may have chills, avoid the tendency to pile them with blankets. Dress them normally.

There's no miracle cure: We've heard of a few remedies like mixing raisins and water to make a juice for kids to drink. Dr. Gwenn says that such cocktails have no proven properties to help lower a fever, but as long as it is safe, feel free to try it.

For more kid-friendly medical tips, visit Dr. Gwenn.

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